Glaucoma UK training

The Development Manager for Southern England for Glaucoma UK are about to run a pilot training for pharmacy staff – particularly front of house/ non pharmacist staff. It is understandable how pivotal pharmacies are in the care of glaucoma, and that queries relating to glaucoma and eye drops may increasingly be finding their way to you, due to capacity in the hospital system. They would like to invite staff members at pharmacies who are part of the LPC to join a training session – the training is provided free of charge, along with a box of eye drop dispensing aids and resources – all we are asking for in return is honest feedback on the training so that we can get it right and roll it out more widely across the UK.

The training covers the following topics:

  • What is glaucoma?
  • Common challenges people face with administering eye drops and ideas for troubleshooting these
  • Other glaucoma treatments
  • Where staff can go for more support if they are unsure how to help customers with glaucoma

Research has shown that more than 50% of people with glaucoma do not take their eye drops as prescribed, and this could be leading to avoidable vision loss from glaucoma. This training will give you the background knowledge and skills you need to help these patients.

Please find the attached flyer with more information.