HCC Dual Testing Research Project


Public Health are looking for pharmacists in Hertfordshire with a current Service Level Agreement to deliver sexual health services to be involved in the research.

With an increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections across England including Hertfordshire, the Public Health Team at Hertfordshire County Council are working with Hitch Marketing on a research project with the aim to better understand the barriers and facilitators for people to request a dual testing kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. The research will also aim to understand the barriers and facilitators for pharmacists to promote and offer dual testing kits.

4 x Interviews
Hitch will first be conducting four 20 minute interviews with pharmacists to understand the barriers and facilitators you may face in relation to promoting dual testing. The interviews can take place online, or over the phone. All research collected will be treated as anonymous.

Interviews will take place between 30th October and 10th November. Researchers from Hitch are available Monday – Friday between 9am – 8pm to conduct interviews. Anyone who takes part in an interview will receive a £40 Amazon voucher as a thank you for their time.

Online workshop

Hitch will then be holding an 1.5 hour online workshop with 8 pharmacists to develop promotional materials and interventions to help pharmacists promote dual testing in a way that works for you. Anyone who attends will be provided with a £60 Amazon voucher.  The online workshop will take place Thursday 23rd November (time TBC – we will pick a time that works for you).

If you are interested in taking part, please contact megan@hitchmarketing.co.uk