Pre-CPH Committee Meeting Survey: Contractor Feedback Shapes Committee Action

Here is a summary of the valuable insights and feedback received from community pharmacies through the Pre-CPH Committee Meeting Survey in May 2024. Participating pharmacies provided crucial feedback on Pharmacy First, locally commissioned public health services, and areas for improvement. Your input is valuable to ensure the committee effectively represents your interests.

Pharmacy First: While some pharmacies see benefits, concerns were raised about initial challenges, inappropriate referrals, and antibiotic expectations. The committee discussed ways to improve referrals and GP participation in the Pharmacy First program.

Locally Commissioned Services: Feedback was mixed, with some valuing existing services and others highlighting data entry burdens and outdated NRT products. The committee continues to explore ways to make these services more financially viable for pharmacies and also advise pharmacies where the services are not financially viable by providing a costing tool so that pharmacies can work out the financial viability of the service.

Contractor Concerns: Survey responses highlighted the need for better remuneration, price concessions, and a funding overhaul for community pharmacies. The committee addressed these concerns with the CPE Committee member who attended the meeting and to feedback the issues raised to CPE.

Local Issues: Pharmacies raised concerns about communication, GP training for Pharmacy First, and a lack of progress on the IP pathfinder program. The committee discussed these issues and CPH will continue to work with the ICB who are keen to move the pathfinder programme forward regardless of the national direction.

Your Voice Matters: CPH would like to encourage all pharmacies to actively participate in future pre-meeting surveys . Your insights help shape the committee’s direction and ensure it addresses your concerns effectively. Please do look out for the next survey prompt ahead of the next meeting.

The full minutes of the meeting held on 8 May 2024 will be available on our website once approved at our next CPH meeting in July 2024.