You can still submit a claim for the Hypertension Case Finding Service August activity


You can still submit a claim for activity delivered before Thursday 31 August for the Hypertension Case Finding Service
As stated in the Drug Tariff Part VIC Paragraph 37, community pharmacy contractors needed to input all manual entries for Blood Pressure and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) checks into Manage Your Service (MYS) by 11:59pm on Thursday 31 August. This was to make sure you could claim with your August declaration (August payment schedule, payment date Wednesday 1 November). If you did not enter your August activity by Thursday 31 August, you will still be able to claim.

How to submit your claim
Any activity that was not entered into MYS manually by Thursday 31 August must be input into your IT supplier system (for example Cegedim, EMIS, Positive Solutions, Sonar). These claims can be paid alongside your September activity (September payment schedule, payment date Friday 1 December) if input into your IT system by Saturday 30 September 2023.

If, as of Friday 1 September, you no longer provide this service, you will not have access to the required IT system to make your claim for August activity. Please contact for support. The Provider Assurance team will contact you if they have any queries about duplicate claims.

Requesting earlier payment
If you did not submit your claim before Thursday 31 August, and you require your payment in advance of the September payment schedule due to a cash flow impact, NHS BSA may be able make provision of funds on your August payment schedule. To request an earlier payment, you must complete all of the following steps:

  1. Complete the online request form. You must include all unclaimed activity up to 31 August 2023 that you needed to submit via MYS.
  2. Submit the form by Sunday 24 September.
  3. Input this activity via your IT system. This will form part of your September claim. Declarations for September can be made in MYS from Sunday 1 October.

The form must be completed by a registered MYS user (with an NHSmail login) and contain all requested information.
Payment for your August claim will show as a positive adjustment on your August schedule of payments under “Hypertension ABPM fee adj”.

Payments made in advance on your August schedule of payments will be deducted from your September schedule of payments. They will show as a negative adjustment under ‘Hypertension ABPM fee adj’ alongside the actual payment for declarations made for September.

Help and support
If you have any questions about this information, please contact for support.