Immediate Access to Emergency Medicines

In August 2023, the Immediate Access to Emergency Medicines service was recommissioned by HWE ICB. This service aims to ensure that appropriate palliative care /emergency drugs are stocked in selected community pharmacies before the need arises, resulting in:

  • Improvement of access to specialist medicines when required by ensuring prompt availability and continuity of supply
  • Reduction of hospital admissions
  • Reduction of distress and anxiety experienced by patient and carer/family
  • Supporting other professionals to improve patient care

The specification was consulted with the CPH committee who are supportive of the service developed.

All pharmacies were given a number of weeks to express an interest in providing the service during August/early September 2023. The number of pharmacies are limited to a certain number and have been selected on the basis of the length of their opening hours.

Immediate Access to Emergency Medicines – selected pharmacies

Immediate Access Emergency drugs SLA