Patient Stories

In order to demonstrate how community pharmacy supports its patients, please outline your patient story. Please ensure that you get the patient’s consent to share the story but anonymise any patient information and be aware that this story will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and the CPH website.

Patient Stories

Here are a few notes on preparing good case studies:

  • Make sure any story is about a person – ideally a patient, otherwise a member of the pharmacy team.
  • All case studies should be about pharmacy’s extraordinary contribution to patient care.
  • Remember that something that seems normal to you could be extraordinary to someone else.
  • Stories are more powerful than pleas for help.
  • People should speak for themselves wherever possible – use quotes (make sure you have consent!)
  • Be positive.
  • Be brief – if you are writing a letter or an email, save some detail for a meeting.
  • Pharmacies can record case studies electronically, or, if patients are keen to help, they may like to record short video clips of patients telling their own stories.
  • Remember to cover the key points – what happened; what did the pharmacy do; how did this help the patient; how might this have helped the NHS or others?