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CD Accountable Officer

The CD Accountable Officer for NHS England (East of England NHS England and NHS Improvement)  is Jane Newman. Any issues relating to controlled drugs and medicines governance, pharmacy, and prescribing should be directed by email to  

CD Accountable Officer for NHS England –

Stock Schedule 2 controlled Drugs destruction requests

All community pharmacy contractors are reminded and encouraged to submit stock schedule 2 controlled drugs destruction requests in order to prevent unsafe quantities of expired CD stock from building up in any of your pharmacy premises.

If you are a body corporate operating in 5 or more pharmacy premises, the superintendent pharmacist (SI) should already have suitably trained employees designated as Authorised Witnesses by the appropriate NHSE CDAO. If this applies to your organisation, you should not submit a destruction request to NHSE. Please contact your SI in the first instance.

If you are a body corporate operating with 4 or less pharmacy premises, a destruction request can be submitted via

You will need to register for a user account if you have not accessed the website previously or since it was upgraded on 01 December 2022. Once registered, please choose the ‘destruction request’ tile and complete the online form. Once submitted, someone will make contact, in due course, to arrange a suitable visit date.

NB! An Authorised Witness is only required for the destruction of schedule 2 expired stock; patients’ own and schedule 3 or below stock should be destroyed in-house. You will also need to have a valid T28 waste exemption certificate in order for the destruction to take place. We also want to remind you that drugs awaiting destruction must be stored in a locked CD cabinet, if CDs are to be stored anywhere else, an approval certificate must be obtained through your local Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer (CDLO) Contact your nearest CDLO (

Prior to the destruction taking place, please ensure that all CD stock is accounted for, all the CD registers are updated accordingly, and that any discrepancies have been identified, investigated, and resolved or reported via

If you have any further questions, please contact the team at:

Controlled Drug Reporting website

The CD Reporting website changed on Thursday 1 December 2022 and from this date there will be several changes.

The Controlled Drug reporting has undergone a review and development process and as a result, the website has been upgraded and some of the reporting modules have been re-designed or modified based on comments from users and to make the reporting modules compatible with other national reporting systems.

If you need help desk support e.g. technical queries or issues with the website.  The team can be contacted on 0113 825 5238, via email on or through the message system on the website.

Reporters will need to register the first time they use the new Controlled Drug Reporting website.  Once they have gone through the registration process, they will have access to reports previously submitted, see further information on the Registration – How to Guide.


CGL Promotional Material

CGL have provide important information material which includes a Universal Precautions poster, highlighting the risk of overdose with all drugs and the BuddyUp App, which is an app for people that are injecting drugs on their own.

If you would like to display a laminated version of the Universal Precautions poster or the BuddyUp App poster in your pharmacy please email: