NHS Health Check Service

Updated: 24 August 2023

  • This service is currently not commissioned


The NHS Health Check programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of adults aged 40-74 years through the promotion of early awareness, assessment and management of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) – risk factors that are associated with premature death, disability and health inequalities in England.

Up to half of CVD may be preventable though lifestyle changes, therefore support for lifestyle change is a key component of the NHS Health Check.

Public Health England (PHE) and Hertfordshire County Council support the prioritisation of health checks that invites those most at risk first and considers the needs of those with protected characteristics. This is in keeping with the Equality Act 2010.

Key Objectives of the NHS Health Check Programme

  • Identify and invite the population eligible for a health check;
  • Assess an individual’s risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease;
  • Through a face to face consultation, communicate the level of risk to the individual in a way they understand;
  • Manage the risk with advice and/or interventions (ie. motivational interviewing and goal setting, medication, referrals or signposting) as appropriate;
  • Provide information and raise awareness of dementia with all individuals and the availability of memory services to individuals aged 65 and over;
  • Recall and reassess risk after 5 years.

The NHS Health Check programme is only cost effective and clinically effective if the programme being delivered is of high quality and every NHS Health Check delivered is complete, preferably as a single appointment, and followed through to reduce risk.  Public Health Hertfordshire’s focus will be on ensuring that heath checks delivered as part of this contract are of the highest quality and demonstrate continuous improvements.

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