Alcohol identification and brief advice

10th January 2018 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Mercure Letchworth Hall Hotel, Letchworth Lane, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3NP

In collaborate with Herts LPC, CPPE are running this event.

At the beginning of January, many people will declare intentions for New Year’s resolutions, most commonly seeking to improve their health or wellbeing. Are you confident and ready to proactively help and support your patients make these healthier lifestyle choices and turn those good intentions into commitments?

There will be an expert speaker from Hertfordshire Public Health.

Here is a summary of the workshop and the pre-learning aims to cover.

Participants should be able to:
■ describe how you would identify people who need the alcohol identification and brief advice service
■ demonstrate how you would open a conversation about alcohol use with people who may need the service
■ describe the components of both the initial assessment and the consultation
■ explain the current recommendations for lower risk limits of alcohol consumption and what a unit of alcohol is
■ explain the benefits of stopping drinking, or reducing alcohol consumption
■ explain the benefits of having several drink-free days each week
■ explain the categories of drinker and where the person fits within the categories
■ explain the follow-up procedure
■ describe the referral pathway, where applicable
■ describe and explain the content of the information leaflet used for the service
■ complete the paperwork for the service
■ complete the necessary report to the harm reduction team when increasing risk and high-risk drinking is identified.

The pre workshop booklet will be distributed closer to the date.

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