Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Pharmacy Leaders Development Programme

5th December 2022 11.00-12.00pm


The NHS needs pharmacy professionals who lead in a compassionate and inclusive way to ensure we get the most from the effective use of medicines to meet patients’ needs.  Developing these leadership skills in our professions is crucial for those who lead NHS departments, services, teams or systems to benefit patients and local communities.  The NHS England’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Pharmacy Leaders Development Programme as an important contribution to our  professions’ leadership.  Reflecting the priorities of the Inclusive Pharmacy Practice initiative, a key objective of the programme is to improve the diversity of people working in senior pharmacy leadership roles.  For more information click here.

CPhO’s pharmacy leaders development programme : CPPE – applications close on Monday, 12 December.

Potential applicants are invited to register for a webinar where they will have the opportunity to ask questions about the programme. This will be held at 11.00am-12.00pm on Monday 5 December, reserve your place using the following link CPhO Pharmacy Leaders Development Programme webinar | NHS England Events.