CPPE Accuracy checking pharmacy technician programme – more free places available

1st March 2024

NHS England has provided additional funding for the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) to offer the Accuracy checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme to an additional 40 pharmacy technicians.

The ACPT programme is a 3-12-month training and development programme available to pharmacy technicians, with employer support.

The CPPE Accuracy checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme aims to support pharmacy technicians to:

  • develop the skills required to be a safe final accuracy checking pharmacy technician
  • improve leadership skills to direct the dispensary team
  • support the multi-disciplinary team to deliver patient-facing services.

From 1st August 2023, NHS England has funded CPPE to offer the ACPT programme for pharmacy technicians working in community pharmacy, NHS hospitals, and in Health and Justice. A total of 60 NHS-funded places are available, with 10-20 places on the course each month. NHS England funding for places on the ACPT programme will end when all 60 places have been allocated or by the end of March 2024.