Inclusion Health: Homelessness and experiences of pregnancy & birth in prison populations – What is the statutory duty and where are the gaps?

13th February 2019 2pm to 4pm

Lindop Building, University of Hertfordshire

Date:   Wednesday 13th February 2019
Time:   14:00 – 16:00, Refreshments from 13:30 with a poster presentation on inclusion health in the foyer area.
Venue:  Lindop Building, University of Hertfordshire

Speakers:    Dr Gill Craig, Reader in Public Health and Social Science (University of Hertfordshire) presenting an overview of inclusion health and affected communities, Councillor Barbara Gibson (HCC), presenting on homelessness, the statutory duty and those who fall through the gaps,  Dr Laura Abbott, Senior Lecturer/Registered midwife (University of Hertfordshire), presenting findings of her research on the experiences of pregnancy and birth in prison and homeless populations.

This masterclass will cover Inclusion health:

Inclusion health is “a service, research, and policy agenda that aims to prevent and redress health and social inequities among the most vulnerable and excluded populations” (Luchenski, 2017).

This Master Class will focus on two areas relevant to inclusion health:

  • Homelessness, the statutory duty and those who fall through the gaps including: unaccompanied minors, people with learning disabilities and looked after children/care leavers; and,
  • The experiences of pregnancy and birth in female prisoners and homeless women.

We will also be holding a presentation poster before and after the masterclass anyone interested and for those working in the area of inclusion health there will be an opportunity to display posters relating to topic areas such as:

  • People with severe mental health issues
  • Communities affected by TB & Stigma
  • Children/Young People with neurodisability
  • People with Learning Disabilities
  • Homeless populations
  • Those in contact with the criminal justice system/ Prison populations
  • Sex workers
  • Groups who misuse substances/alcohol
  • Refugee/asylum seekers
  • Gypsy and Traveller communities
  • Looked after children/care leavers
  • Other vulnerable and excluded populations

These will be displayed before and after the masterclass. Please do get in touch with Public Health Inbox  if you would like to display a poster, they can give you the details for what you’ll need to do and bring on the day.

Invitation and how to register is attached.