Healthy Living Pharmacy –preparing for self assessment

Whether you are considering implementing Healthy Living Pharmacy locally and wish to become accredited or simply want to find out more about the benefits the initiative can bring, the e-course can help. During the course you will learn about leadership, how to engage stakeholders and the public, behaviour change and how to make Healthy Living Pharmacy part of everyday practice.

This eight week online course provides an opportunity to be part of an active learning community as you learn. You can take part in discussion forums to solve problems and share experiences with colleagues. Completion of an online reflective journal will support you in your continuing professional development.

There will be support from online tutors who will be available for questions and will monitor some of the online activities.

The course starts on Monday 11th September and will run for eight weeks. It is estimated that you will need to commit to four hours of learning each week. The course is bookable through CPPE and will be hosted by Canvas.

To book your place – Go to the Healthy Living Pharmacy –preparing for self assessment and login in.

Follow the instructions to book your place. Once you have done this we will take you to a page that explains how to register for our course on Canvas. You will also receive this information in an email.