Supporting the development of primary care networks: NHS England webinars

18th June 2019 3pm to 4pm


In order to support the ongoing development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), NHS England will be hosting two webinars on the role of pharmacy within PCNs as part of a webinar series. The webinars are aimed at those working within primary care and the wider NHS and will include examples of work already in progress across the country, and provide viewers with the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the next steps in the development of PCNs.

The next webinar on working with pharmacy will be held on:

There is no need to register in advance; simply click on the above links at the start time.
Other webinar topics included in the series will look at how to best use technology to develop services, engaging with people and communities, using the wider workforce and estates.
For further information and resources on PCNs, visit