Anenta Pre-Acceptance Waste Audit completion

Following the successful introduction of new waste management practices in the form of Anenta Ltd combined with extensive standardisation of waste contracts, we must now move forward to increase levels of compliance with relevant legislative requirements. Pre-Acceptance Audits (PAA) must be completed under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Pre-Acceptance Audit is a document that the Vendor requires to enable them to collect your waste and ensures compliance.

The Pre-Acceptance Audit is also a requirement within the Health technical memorandum 07-01, Management and Disposal of Healthcare Waste.

Permitted healthcare waste management sites in England and Wales are required to obtain Pre-Acceptance Audits from producers of healthcare waste before they can accept the waste from that producer. Pre-Acceptance Audits are the assessment of the characteristics of a waste to ensure that the disposal or recovery method for the waste is compliant and appropriate.

When advised to do so by Anenta, please complete the Pre-Acceptance Audit that Anenta issue to you via your Anenta account ( This is the single most important action that you need to complete to ensure compliance and to ensure your waste continues to be collected. 

Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits are required to be completed every 12 months for sites producing over five tonnes of waste annually, and every five years for sites producing under five tonnes annually.

Anenta appreciate that some pharmacies may feel their Audit is not yet due, but due to a lack of information from the waste vendors, we are asking for all sites to complete this within Vector to ensure compliance. The newly completed audit will be stored within Vector, will be accessible should the pharmacy need to refer back to it, and will be valid for either 12 months or five years from the date of completion depending on the volume of waste produced. It is possible that some pharmacies may have already completed the Audit within Vector and if this is the case, they will not be prompted to complete another one until the old one expires.

Please seek assistance from Anenta Ltd wherever you need clarification, guidance or any support regarding waste management.  Please do consider Anenta your internal waste manager be aware that Anenta does not physically collect the waste from your premises, they manage the contracts on behalf of the commissioners to ensure you get what you need.

If you have queries regarding the completion of the audit or require assistance in completing this, please raise a ticket within your Vector account or contact who will be able to assist with any queries you may have.