How is the NHS App meeting the needs of pharmacies?

NHS England is working with RSM to understand how primary care providers are using the NHS App and the website. We would like to hear about how/whether pharmacies are currently using the NHS App, including perceptions of the NHS App, reasons behind using any other specific patient-facing apps/websites (e.g., Patient Access), any challenges experienced when trying to use the NHS App, and how the NHS App could better meet the needs of pharmacies. Your input will be used to inform the future development of the NHS App.

If you would like to check the validity of this study, you can contact NHS England on:

 Why have I been contacted?

We are contacting you as a Local Pharmaceutical Committee staff member to disseminate this survey amongst NHS pharmacy owners within your region. We encourage individuals from pharmacies that both do and do not use the NHS App to complete it. If you feel a colleague would be better placed to answer this survey, please share this email with them.

How do pharmacies take part?

If pharmacies would like to participate in this research, the survey is available via this link. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.