Pharmaceutical Waste

Clinical Waste Management

With effect from 6 December 2021, Anenta Ltd will manage the contracts for clinical waste collections from GP practices sites and returned medicines from community pharmacies. In addition, they will also provide support to those GP practices and Community pharmacies who are providing the Covid vaccination service.  You will continue to get collections from your current waste contractor, however all queries related to waste management must now go to Anenta. Anenta will be your single point of contact for clinical and pharmaceutical waste issues.   Further details can be found on the CPE website or details on how to register with Anenta.

T28 Waste Exemption Certificate

You must register with the Environment Agency if you have any controlled drugs that have been denatured. This is known as a T28 exemption. and can be completed online on the Environment Agency’s website. The exemption for denaturing controlled drugs is valid for controlled drugs produced on the premises and from households as seen in the EA’s regulatory position statement.

Further details are on the CPE website.